Verite Goes Indie!


Over the past few weeks, Verite’s head honchos Donald Lopez and Rene Veilleux trekked all the way to the wild lands of Canada to speak with indie game developers about our slate of video game voiceover work.

The dynamic duo made their first stop of their tour with Execution Labs in the GamePlay Space offices located in Montreal. The GamePlay Space is a creative studio founded by Execution Labs and the Montreal gaming community for indie game dev studios to help open doors for collaboration, training, an opportunity in building up the indie community.

We were honored by the awesome people at Execution Labs to have us come in and give some pointers about the ins and outs of the voiceover process, how simple and accessible it is and how it can enhance the player’s experience from script preparation to casting, direction and recording, dialogue editing, and QCing.

It was awesome getting to engage with the Canadian community and hear how to presence of VO could give their ideas more life in their games. Our goal throughout the whole meeting was for indie developers to understand the importance of VO and that it is a longer thought process than most people think to add to characters.

Shout-out to Cardboard Utopia, Artifact 5, Clever Endeavour, Borealys Games, Ko-op Mode, Illogika, KitFox Games, Ululab, Throughline Games, and Trio-Tech for attending. It was an excellent time getting to talk to you all and we hope that it was worth it!