Dubbing Around the World: Dance with Bubu & Super Builders


By Michael Smith

Dance with Bubu by Up! Content in Brazil and Super Builders by BENLAI Pictures in China are two educational, fun, and entertaining programs Verité recently cast and voice directed. Always ready to support and collaborate on projects with positive and educational messages, Verité couldn’t be happier to be working on these two special projects.


 Super Builders is a series developed by Dan Berlinka, a BAFTA & Writer’s Guild Award winner and Sean Carson. Described as a “trucking tour de force” and led by the intrepid “Digga,” each construction truck has their own skills and personality that contribute to the goal of teamwork! The young construction team also includes “Artie,” the loyal lieutenant mixer, “Tippi,” the dump truck, “Beady,” the rookie bulldozer, bickering brothers, “Max and Trax Crane,” and “Screwy,” the inventive mini-robot.

“Verité is not just helping us manage dubbing for each episode, but also in a way, helping us refine some of the production process assuring a show with international quality delivered on time.,” said Monica Huang, International Business Development Director (BENLAI PICTURES) and Karim Turbez, Super Builders director, in a joint statement.

Best part of the dubbing process is seeing the everything come together. Ms. Huang and Mr. Turbez state, “Hearing the voices for the first time was so exciting. The characters weren’t only words and drawings anymore. They have become living beings. The show was finally anchored to another level, thanks to Verité.” They went on to say, “It was the Colin Clive moment from the 1931 movie “Frankenstein”…It’s alive!!”

Dance with Bubu is an adorable series of short, dynamic episodes that features music from Bubu and the Little Owls, “the most exciting show in the forest.” “The whole series was conceived to be a strong and resourceful educational tool to both entertain and help educate young children about family values, nature, and social-emotional skills,” says Débora Obrer, Executive Producer and Production Director.

Based on reviews from viewers and the success of season one on YouTube, it is easy to see that Bubu, her family, and the other little owls are relatable to everyone. “The project has reverberated extremely well with its audience. We believe Bubu’s family-based educational values have been playing a very important and expressive role in gaining kids’ interest and parents’ trust,” says Ms. Obrer.


Verité Entertainment is known around the globe for its voiceover services, such as dubbing, and loves to collaborate on projects that reach children worldwide. When talking about her experience working with Verité, Ms. Obrer says, “Verité came highly recommended and our decision was easy once we heard the performances of the casting selections. When comparing to other studios we had no doubt who we would choose. Verité’s high quality standards and level of professionalism has made it a very easy and pleasant experience.” 

Both shows aim to instill essential values and morals into their pre-school audiences such as valuing family and friendships, problem-solving, and so much more.  “It is extremely important that we always find the appropriate talent for each project so that these stories and their characters come alive in an effective and fun way,” says René Veilleux, Co-Founder and CEO of Verité Entertainment. “Not only do we take pride in our work and the quality of the final product, we also just love what we do. We feel lucky to be a part projects such as these two,” he adds.