Elsweyr is Under Attack! Look Out! Dragons!


By Kelsey Miller & Michael Smith

For the first time in Elder Scrolls Online history, players will encounter fire-breathing dragons flying high above the Khajiiti homeland of Elsweyr.

Throughout the Khajiiti homeland, players will be able to traverse never before seen cities and landscapes. Along the way they’ll run into some familiar feline faces and make new friends, all while learning about the Khajiit’s long-standing history in the game. Navigating through the new unexplored scenery, players will now be battling dragons. These winged terrors will provide obstacles and new challenges for players during quests and will even share their thoughts on their current siege against Elsweyr. Stay on their good side and they might just help the player along on their adventures. 

While embarking on quests, one might just happen to run into some very special fan favorites: Abnur Tharn and Sir Cadwell. This means that Verité once again had the chance to work with the incomparable Alfred Molina and John Cleese. A bonus for us was traveling to the beautiful Caribbean island of Nevis to record Mr. Cleese. In addition, earlier this year, we brought in over fifty actors to record with us in Los Angeles. It is always enriching to have the likes of Barbara Goodson, Kari Wahlgren, Debra Wilson, Steve Blum, Cindy Robinson, Jason Spisak, Nick Murdoch, Tara Strong, and many more visit us in the recording booth. As you will experience, all of these stellar performances, along with countless new adventures, we cannot wait for players to sink their teeth into this new chapter in Tamriel.

With five years and counting, our collaboration with the audio team at ZeniMax Online Studios, lead by Audio Director Brad Derrick and Voiceover Supervisor Rebecca Ichnoski, is one of true partnership and trust. We are extremely fortunate and humble to continue being a part of the ever-expanding universe of The Elder Scrolls Online.

This dragon-approved, fiery hot summer release will be coming to PC May 20th and Xbox One and PS4 on June 4th.