In Development - Animated Feature/Fantasy

IN DEVELOPMENT – After her parents’ funeral, a broken young girl is lured by an endearing creature into a magical, perfect world. Little does she know that her greedy uncle has been watching her and has followed her to this paradise,  turning her new found bliss into chaos and darkness.

Totó La Momposina


IN PRODUCTION – Colombian icon and Godmother of World Music, Totó La Momposina, has dedicated her life to the preservation of her afro-indigenous musical heritage. Today, she copes with the uncertain future of her hard-earned legacy as she sees her family spread across the world.

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The Putt Putt Syndrome

Feature Film - Dark Comedy

FEATURE FILM – Tired of hearing his bitter friend’s hypothesis on why marriages fail and wives cheat, happily married Johnny decides to check his buddy’s theories and realizes he’s got all the symptoms himself. Suddenly, Johnny’s perception of suburban marital bliss comes tumbling down as he finds himself trying to save his marriage in the midst of a midlife crisis.

Project M

Feature Film - Sci-Fi/Thriller

FEATURE FILM – Four astronauts are launched into orbit for 1000 days to test the feasibility of a three-year mission to Europa one of Jupiter’s moons. 900 days in, they witness massive explosions on Earth’s surface. Abandoned in space and cut off from all communication, the crew comes to realize that Earth is in the middle of all-out nuclear war. Their own battle for survival leads to a startling discovery – one which could afffect the future of humanity. A stunning futuristic psychological thriller, Project-M reminds us that in a world where science fiction and reality are so clesely entwined, ingenuity is still our greatest weapon and hope remains the ultimate key for the continuation of man kind.