Buddy: Tech Detective Pilot Launched on Amazon Prime!


Amazon Studios recently kicked off its 2015 Pilot Season where YOU get to choose which shows get turned into series. Along with live-action fare for grown-ups, the slate includes the children’s 3D animated series Buddy: Tech Detective, with voiceovers provided by Verite Entertainment!

Buddy: Tech Detective isn’t your average TV show! Instead of just watching the story unfold, kids aged 3-6 get to actually help super-sleuth Buddy solve crimes around his hometown. Along with Buddy’s best friend Trudy and his pet ferret Ferdo, Buddy asks the viewer to point out clues, choose investigative tools and help collect evidence on the scene of the crime. It’s a new kind of TV show for the new age of TV.

Amazon Pilot Season is live on Amazon Instant Video right now! Click here to be directed to the episode to watch, rate and review!  So sit down with your kids, investigate a crime or two, and make sure you let Amazon know how much you enjoyedBuddy: Tech Detective!