Ogres, sorcerers and dragons — OH MY!


by Kelsey Miller

We’re coming at you from the belly of the beast: a once living ancient, powerful dragon. All of Tamriel is threatened by the dragon in The Elder Scrolls Online’s newest DLC game pack, Dragon Bones. Verité is proud to cast, voice direct and be the SAG/AFTRA Signatory for another DLC  in this hugely successful game. 

Starting February 12th, you can play two new dungeons that are sure to put players to the test. Each of the dungeons comes with their own different challenges and rewards: Scalecaller Peak and Fang Lair.


First is Scalecaller Peak, a burial site of an ancient dragon priest that has been overrun by diseased cultists that worship the Daedric Prince of Disease, Peryite. Their desire is to unleash an awful disease upon the continent, Tamriel.


Up next is Fang Lair, an ancient Dwarven ruin that holds the buried tomb of a long deceased dragon. A wizard is set on raising the bones of the dragon to create pandemonium in the world.


PC/Mac is coming February 12th with Xbox One/PlayStation 4 arriving February 27th. The Dragon Bones DLC pack will be available for ESO Plus members and in the in-game Crown Store. 

Keep your ears open for the great performances from our incredible talent in the exciting Dragon Bones DLC! Which dungeon will you be exploring first?