by Kelsey Miller

If you are into wacky, unique, fun cartoons, you are most likely going to enjoy the animated series of shorts, GO! Cartoons. Verité worked with Frederator Studios and Sony Pictures Animation for the biweekly episodes, providing the casting and the voice direction for the series.  

GO! Cartoons is an “incubator” series, meant to introduce original characters and animation creators. Each short serves as a pilot, with the most successful potentially being picked up as a series on networks such as Cartoon Hangover (Frederator’s adult television channel and adult animation division) or elsewhere. Several popular animated series started in a similar incubator format such as Adventure Time and Bee and PuppyCat.

Fred Seibert is executive producing the 12 shorts, which is his sixth cartoon incubator series since 1998. As the founder and owner of Frederator Studios and Frederator Networks, he is a pioneer in the animation industry, helping Nickelodeon find its footing on cable TV in the early years. Fred is a visionary in many ways, and one of his greatest skills is spotting young, fresh talent. His approach is to allow the young creators have their own voices, even if they are unorthodox. It has been a thrill to work with such a wonderful group of young talented men and women.

We’re honored to be a part of this series and work alongside someone who has become an icon in the industry. We’re looking forward to working with Frederator on more projects in the future!

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