Meet the Verité Production Team 2019!


By Michael Smith

The inner workings in the Verité production office might seem like a bland version of The Office (and far blander than Threat Level Midnight), but instead of tackling the Midwest’s paper needs, the Verité production team supplies the world with high quality, professional voiceover, dubbing and localization on a daily basis. And unlike Dunder-Mifflin, so much actually happens.  

As a SAG-AFTRA Signatory company, Verité Entertainment facilitates all the magic when it comes to coordinating projects for clients as well as the company’s own IP. Despite both loving bacon, Rafael Estrella, Head of Production (IMDB) is no Michael Scott. Rather, Rafael is a steadfast leader. He has known Verité Entertainment Co-Founders, Donald Roman Lopez and René Veilleux for 20 years, having met René on the set of a Nickelodeon project in the late ‘90s. Since then, they have worked on numerous projects throughout the years in New York and Los Angeles. Previously based in of New York, Rafael joined Verité Entertainment after a long career in film, commercials, scripted, and unscripted television.  

L-R: Kelsey Miller (Production Coordinator) , Jack Warne (Production & Studio Assistant), Rafael Estrelle (Head of Production), Cliff Tullis (Production & Studio Assistant), Nico Garafolo (Voice Director & Engineer)

L-R: Kelsey Miller (Production Coordinator) , Jack Warne (Production & Studio Assistant), Rafael Estrelle (Head of Production), Cliff Tullis (Production & Studio Assistant), Nico Garafolo (Voice Director & Engineer)

Kelsey Miller and Jack Warne are Rafael’s key support as they deal with casting, auditions, agents and booking the talent, ensuring the day to day production runs seamlessly. 

A Melbourne, Florida native, Kelsey Miller (IMDB) earned her M.A. in Filmmaking from Kingston University London and has been with Verité Entertainment for over one year. Within the industry, Kelsey has worked in a wide array of areas: talent management, film distribution, social media and personal assisting. After discovering a passion for production work, Kelsey quickly rose through the ranks from Social Media Intern to Production Coordinator at Verité.  

Jack Warne (IMDB) is a Production Assistant at Verité Entertainment. Jack’s first time working with Verité was in 2017 as a set PA on Let Me Breathe, a short film directed by Donald and produced by Verité Entertainment. The energy and attitude he brought to set each day was electric and welcomed. So much so in fact, that Jack earned a full-time position within the Verité family a year later. 

Nico Garafolo, (IMDB) serves as resident Engineer and Voice Director. Although not a series regular, he is a recurring cast member of the Verité Family. Nico is the go-to-guy when Verité needs an engineer or a Voice Director, which means he practically lives in the studio! And Nico is not alone, either. The production team’s needs are growing as Verité projects enter pre-production and more projects roll in. After working for Verité on numerous occasions at the end of 2018, Cliff Tullis was asked to join Verité Entertainment as a full-time Studio & Production Assistant. An immense help, Cliff is up for any task as he assists with studio needs. More specifically, he will be the resident Audio Technician for the studio. Cliff will also be assisting with editing and shooting content for Verité Entertainment. 

Containing a multitude of backgrounds, the production team at Verité have worked on numerous titles such as: Elder Scrolls Online (ZeniMax)Enchantimals (MATTEL), the highly anticipated FPS Shooter, Overkill’s The Walking Dead (Starbreeze Studios), the action packed, MU Legend (Webzen), the popular mobile game turned series, Subway Surfers: The Animated Series (SYBO Games), and more. In keeping with Verité Entertainment’s commitment to being a global conduit for creators in need of Hollywood’s finest talent, the current production team has also worked on multiple international titles: Dance With Bubu (Brazil), Super Builders (China), Choco Frutas (Costa Rica), Snow Queen (Canada), Pay Day 2 (Sweden), L’Agent Jean (Canada), and more! See a full list of our projects here.

This cast of characters puts the “production” in production company or rather, the “Entertainment” in Verité Entertainment! 

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